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Student Visas


Canada is well known for its high educational standards. Thousands of students come to study in Canada every year.   Foreign Affairs Consulting Services (FACS) is able to assist in a placement process as well as in obtaining your study permit.  In most cases, you must obtain a study permit if you want to study in Canada.

To be eligible to study in Canada, you must do the following:

  • have been accepted by a school, college, university or other educational institution in Canada.
  • prove that you have enough money to pay for your:
    • tuition fees.
    • living expenses for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada.
    • return transportation for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada.
  • be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record and not be a risk to the security of Canada. You may have to provide a police certificate.
  • be in good health and willing to complete a medical examination, if necessary.
  • satisfy an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your authorized stay


To study in Canada, you may also need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or a visitor visa, depending on your nationality. If an eTA or visa is required, it will be issued at the same time as your study permit. You do not need to make a separate application or pay an additional fee.


It is possible to work in Canada while you are here as a student, and there are opportunities for jobs on and off campus.