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Work Permits


Some temporary workers require a work permit and some do not. Even if you do not need a work permit, you may need to meet other requirements. For some categories of workers, permits are approved more quickly.  The requirements and processing times depend on the sort of work you will do when you come to Canada. In order to work in Canada, the following information is important:

  • Your employer may need to get a labour market opinion from Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC). A labour market opinion confirms that the employer can fill the job with a foreign worker.
  • You must meet the general requirements for entering the country and for staying here, in addition to those for getting a work permit. This means you may need a temporary resident visa.
  • If you want your spouse or common–law partner and your dependent children to come with you to Canada, they must apply to do so.  You must also be authorized to work in Canada for at least six months.